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Par excellence in web development

WebExpo Conference is behind the corner. And so is your chance to broaden your dev horizons and install the latest updates into your inner software. The aces of web development from all around the world are coming to Prague from May 29 to 31 to share their practical tips and invaluable insights to help you level up your coding skillset.

Are you ready to upgrade your web using animations? Which generative AI tools may assist you in creating impressive projects from just a thought? And is software architecture still necessary in the world of Agile? These and other hot topics will be covered by our brilliant speakers.

Web developers, may the code be with you because you are about to enter the galaxy of WebExpo’s TOP 7 dev talks

A stellar web dev lineup 

Kicking off with Yannic Kilcher, the iconic creator of the world’s largest YouTube channel in the realm of Machine Learning and AI. Yannic is a Machine Learning researcher and engineer who has won over his YouTube audience counting almost 250k subscribers, especially with his clear and approachable explanations. In his talk, you will learn how to use powerful generative AI models such as GPT-4, Midjourney and others to build spectacular projects.

Building a web is a serious matter but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to play. Cassie Evans is a creative developer with a background in graphic design and motion design. She likes to inject fun and interactive elements into her coding work and enjoys sharing her thoughts about it on her personal blog cassie.codes. Join her talk to explore the common challenges of animations and get equipped with techniques to overcome them in the blink of an eye. If you have solid experience in JavaScript and want to master crafting micro-interactions and UI transitions secure your spot at her full-day Premium Workshop on May 31.

Explore the dynamic world of Rust with Kat Marchán, former lead maintainer of the NPM package manager, who will show you why integrating Rust is an attractive choice for your web built in JavaScript / TypeScript. And as a Senior Software Engineer in the JavaScript / TypeScript tooling team at Microsoft’s Developer Division, Kat is perfectly placed to show you the way forward. 

Sometimes it seems like it’s all about JavaScript but linking animations to the scroll offset might be a pain. Bramus Van Damme will guide you through the game-changing process of implementing the latest addition to CSS “Scroll-driven animations”. Bramus is a Chrome Developer Relations Engineer at Google with high proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Where are the limits of Web Speech API? What’s possible and where there is still room for improvement? Explore its current state with Ana Rodrigues on a real example of karaoke and find out whether the future of Web Speech API is bright. Ana discovered her passion for coding as a teenager and possesses proficiency of 11 years as a front-end developer

Robin Pokorný is a well-known name in the WebExpo community. He is an experienced Senior Staff Engineer at Productboard who switched from CSS and React to designing domain-driven systems. He is also a podcast host and the power engine to several tech meetups in Berlin. In his talk, Robin will share his best practices of blending Agile and DevOps principles into software architecture, and which tools he uses to ensure projects are moving in the right direction for future success.

Discover the fast track to development and deployment using only local and production environments with Vlad Kampov. Vlad is a seasoned Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, and he will unveil how implementation of AB testing, feature toggles, a good test strategy and CI/CD will supercharge your software delivery pipeline.

This list is just the creme de la creme of web development-related talks at WebExpo 2024 but there is a packed lineup of excellent international speakers worth your attention. 

And remember, your WebExpo ticket isn’t just a gateway to knowledge, it also brings you endless opportunities to engage in nerdy conversations with fellow professionals, attend practical workshops, talk to your tech idols, have fun joining our parties and get the new WebExpo T-shirt design to your collection.   

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