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WebExpo Kids: Sparking tech passion for the future innovators

As technology continues to shape our world, we perceive the importance of cultivating an interest in it from an early age. We are not talking about passive screen time but about igniting a spark of curiosity to experiment with technology and fostering an innovative mindset.

That’s why every purchased WebExpo Conference ticket includes a FREE kid’s ticket and a FREE parent ticket with access to WebExpo Kids, the Parents’ Coffee Lounge and Partner Zone. It’s a win-win solution for all parties involved – you can go and get the most out of the spectacular WebExpo program while your kid is in good hands of our team of professionals developing new skills and your partner can take a rest in the Parent Coffee Lounge or explore the Partner Zone.

Hands-on learning 

Our WebExpo Kids workshops are run again by our two enthusiastic lecturers Jakub Balada and Tomáš Kapler. Jakub is a co-founder of a successful web automation startup Apify, a teacher of agile methodologies at the University of Economics and the University of South Bohemia, and he also teaches computer science and robotics at a primary school. Tomáš initiated and managed a very special project in the pandemic for inventing a pulmonary ventilator CoroVent. His current mission is to help individuals, companies, and educational institutions efficiently use AI.

Scratch programming is a great introduction to coding for kids of the age of 6 and older. Together with Jakub, they will create animations and simple games using block programming.

Every kid loves Lego. Imagine your little inventor having a blast building a Lego robot and even making it move using simple commands. The required age for this activity is 5 years and up.

3D printing workshop is a wonderful opportunity for kids who have reached the age of nine and older. However, we know 3D printing is fascinating even for adults, so don’t be shy to accompany your youngster and learn how a 3D printer works. Tomáš will explain how to create a printable model and print it.

At the AI creation factory workshop, Tomáš will open the door to the wonderland of generative AI tools. Kids of the age of 8 and older will learn how to use Midjourney and Ideogram to craft images, how to talk to ChatGPT and Copilot chatbots, and will try training a machine learning model with the use of Teachable Machine.

The kids’ workshops don’t require any previous knowledge of programming, they are built to deliver a fundamental understanding of technology and develop creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Check the full program of WebExpo Kids and explore more.

What about the little ones?

Even if your kids are too young to attend the kids’ workshops, we’ve got your back! For toddlers of two years and up there is our Kids’ Corner with our professional au pairs from Sto skupin. Is your baby younger than 2 years? Enjoy the comfort of the Parents’ Coffee Lounge where you can hang out with other parents and find necessary facilities such as a microwave or changing table.

WebExpo Kids is more than just an area where your children can wait for you to finish the race of catching all the important talks you want to see and people you want to meet at the conference. It’s a place where they will have fun while learning useful skills for their future personal and professional lives. Take advantage of it and bring your whole family to WebExpo!

Email us at info@webexpo.net if you are interested in getting your FREE parent ticket or have any related questions.

❕ Free parent ticket may be applied to your partner, grandparents or another guardian of your child.

❗ Please note that the parent ticket doesn’t include access to the talks or accompanying program.

We support WebExpo families! Are you and your partner both WebExpo enthusiasts but have kids who need to be taken care of? Take them with you and get a discount on the second ticket! Buy one full-price ticket, email us at info@webexpo.net, and we will provide you with a 50% discount on the second ticket for your partner to join the program, too. We know it’s not easy and you might not be able to join all the talks to take care of your children, but we want your family to get the most out of it. Here is to a better family-work-life balance. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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