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Posts by Klára Scholleová

Free Workshop: Figma mastery – Enhancing components for efficiency and usability

In this free workshop, you’ll get the hands-on opportunity to try some of the tips Klára shares in her talk, Enhancing designer experience: Usability considerations for Figma libraries. Get ready to try out advanced component techniques, such as flexible tree item components and building tables you can resize and reorder by row and column. She’ll […]

Free Workshop: Message over mass – Strategic content creation with ChatGPT

This hands-on workshop focuses on mastering AI-assisted copywriting. You’ll learn the essentials of prompt engineering, uncover the secrets of effective content creation workflows, and find out how to infuse your personal style into AI-generated content. If you’ve already tried gen AI tools without much success, this might be the workshop to change your mind. Get […]

Free Workshop: Empowering observability – OpenTelemetry & InfluxDB 3.0 integration

In today’s dynamic DevOps landscape, ensuring seamless observability across diverse data types is a pressing challenge. Join Zoe and Jay for an immersive 2-hour training session and take a dive into the heart of observability, using the powerful synergy of OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB 3.0, Jaeger, and Grafana.  You’ll embark on a journey of discovery in this […]

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