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Free Workshop

Session focus

  • Design Systems
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev



May 30, 2024 3:00 pm


100 min


Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

Session details

In this free workshop, you’ll get the hands-on opportunity to try some of the tips Klára shares in her talk, Enhancing designer experience: Usability considerations for Figma libraries. Get ready to try out advanced component techniques, such as flexible tree item components and building tables you can resize and reorder by row and column. She’ll also share a few extra tricks and strategies to help other designers use your components with ease.

What will attendees learn?

You’ll learn how to design even better components, reduce Figma memory usage, and save other designers’ nerves.

Who is the workshop for?

For any designer working on Figma design system components.

What are the attendee requirements?

This workshop is best suited for attendees who are already familiar with Figma and proficient with fundamental concepts, such as Autolayout and component properties. Please bring your computer.

Meet your presenter

Klára Scholleová

Senior Product Designer


Connect with Klára

After years in coding and graphic design, Klára found her true joy in seeking and solving problems, and that's how she got into UX. She's a Figma power user and enjoys teaching others about it, even outside the UX community. She's a trained organist and loves classical music, but she also confuses recommendation algorithms by listening to both 60s and 70s techno and Czech and German rap. She also enjoys photography and baking.

Klára at WebExpo:

Enhancing designer experience: Usability considerations for Figma librariesEnhancing designer experience: Usability considerations for Figma libraries

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