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Conference Talk
Presented byDominika Potužáková & Ondřej Raul

Session focus

  • Design Systems
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Research
  • Sustainability & Ethics



May 29, 2024 3:20 pm


30 min


Lucerna Cinema

Session details

Get ready to see how inclusivity can help shape a city’s navigation! In this talk, Dominika and Ondřej will explore the vital role that diverse perspectives play in crafting an inclusive wayfinding system for Prague. This talk underscores the significance of placing a variety of people, each with unique needs, at the core of the design process. By understanding and addressing a range of requirements, from physical abilities to socio-cultural differences, you will learn how to create a wayfinding system that ensures accessibility and navigational ease for every resident and visitor.

For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker’s Corner right after their talk.

Meet your presenters

Dominika Potužáková

Designer & Researcher

Bohemia design & research

Connect with Dominika

Dominika is a multidisciplinary designer specialising in research in public spaces and physical products at her design studio, Bohemia design & research. She studied product design in London and User-System Interaction in Eindhoven. Dominika focuses strongly on positive user experience, accessibility, and inclusion. In her projects, she collaborates with diverse professionals, often advocating human needs, and concentrates on designing impactful services and public spaces through insightful analysis.

Ondřej Raul

Product Designer & Researcher

Stride XL

Connect with Ondřej

Ondřej is a UX designer, researcher, and co-founder of the strategic design company, Stride XL. He is committed to creating products and services that people genuinely need. In his work, Ondřej places a strong emphasis on correctly understanding and interpreting “the problem” and user needs. His approach involves experimenting and iterating various solutions to rapidly progress in his projects.

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