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Session focus

  • Backend Dev
  • Data
  • Performance
  • Security



May 30, 2024 11:00 am


115 min


Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

Additional notes about this workshop:
This workshop is included in the conference ticket.
Maximum capacity of 45 people (the registration is on first come, first served basis).

Session details

In today’s dynamic DevOps landscape, ensuring seamless observability across diverse data types is a pressing challenge. Join Zoe for an immersive 2-hour training session and take a dive into the heart of observability, using the powerful synergy of OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB 3.0, Jaeger, and Grafana. 

You’ll embark on a journey of discovery in this comprehensive workshop that demystifies the intricacies of collecting traces, logs, and metrics within a unified database. Zoe will guide you through fundamental questions that arise when dealing with various time series data types, including schema design and data conversion techniques. Through engaging hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to deploy the open telemetry demo—a captivating simulation of real-world traces, logs, and metrics. Witness firsthand the magic of orchestrating the collection process using the OpenTelemetry Collector and seamlessly streaming data into InfluxDB 3.0.

Zoe will share her expertise and guide you through every step, from provisioning to visualisation. Uncover the power of Flight SQL for insightful general-purpose queries and leverage Jaeger’s bridging capabilities for immersive visualisations into your traces. Delve into the Service Latency Histogram and untangle the intricate relationships between traces using the span tree. By the end of this transformative workshop, you’ll not only grasp the technical aspects but also gain a profound understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of OpenTelemetry. This free workshop will help you become the observability champion your organisation needs, whether you’re a seasoned DevOps engineer or just stepping into the world of observability.

What will attendees learn?

You’ll walk away understanding observability, Grafana, and Open Telemetry.

Who is the workshop for?

For Devops Engineers, SREs, and Testing Engineers.

What are the attendee requirements?

Please bring your computer.

How to register for this workshop?

This workshop is included in the conference ticket. The registration is on first come, first served basis (maximum capacity of 45 people).

Meet your presenter

Zoe Steinkamp

Developer Advocate


Connect with Zoe

Zoe is an experienced front-end software engineer who has been in the field for over eight years. Currently, she works as a Developer Advocate for InfluxData where she helps developers interact with their database platform, open-source tools, and time-series data solutions. Zoe is passionate about improving the lives of developers and learning about data science. When she's not exploring new technology, Zoe also enjoys travelling and gardening.

Zoe at WebExpo:

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