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  • Backend Dev
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  • Performance
  • Security



May 29, 2024 12:00 pm


40 min


Lucerna Cinema

Session details

In this talk, Zoe will review the strengths and qualities of each database type based on their specific use cases. Although having everything in one database seems straightforward, it is not always the most cost- or time-effective solution. Today, many databases have become more specialised in handling different data types. Zoe will walk you through a set of distinct database types (e.g., graph, in-memory, search, columnar, document, relational, key-value, and time series databases) and show you how to choose your workloads correctly. You’ll also learn about the current trends in the database ecosystem, and the ins and outs of different specialised databases, including their strengths and weaknesses. Get ready to discover some of the fastest-growing segments in the database space!

Meet your presenter

Zoe Steinkamp

Developer Advocate


Connect with Zoe

Zoe is an experienced front-end software engineer who has been in the field for over eight years. Currently, she works as a Developer Advocate for InfluxData where she helps developers interact with their database platform, open-source tools, and time-series data solutions. Zoe is passionate about improving the lives of developers and learning about data science. When she's not exploring new technology, Zoe also enjoys travelling and gardening.

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