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Conference Talk

Session focus

  • Content
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev
  • Sustainability & Ethics



May 29, 2024 12:00 pm


40 min


Marble Hall

Session details

During this talk, Ondřej will guide you through the whole process of creating an accessible website for the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Academy of Sciences, from initial planning to the Accessibility Statement. He’ll cover common accessibility mistakes that can occur during the design, development, and content creation stages, providing detailed and specific examples. You will gain insights into how challenging accessibility projects can be, especially if you cooperate with several companies.

This talk is suitable for everyone, including designers, researchers, developers, content creators, project managers, CEOs, and anyone else interested in creating accessible websites.

For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker’s Corner right after their talk.

Meet your presenter

Ondřej Pohl

Accessibility Director

ACTUM Digital

Connect with Ondřej

Ondřej has been working in UX, research, and team management for more than 12 years, but for the last 4+ years, he has primarily focused on accessibility. Currently, he is the Accessibility Director at ACTUM Digital, an international digital technology agency. Ondřej is one of the two Certified Professionals in Web Accessibility (CPWA) in the Czech Republic. Together with the first-ever CPWA expert, Radek Pavlíček, he started a podcast about web accessibility, "Bez bariér”. His main goal is to popularise accessibility and educate people, which he considers the easiest way to make websites and applications accessible. He is also invested in getting the Czech government and public sector to embrace accessibility.

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