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WebExpo Workshop
Presented byScott Gould

Session focus

  • Business & Growth
  • Future of Work


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There are no public workshops scheduled, however, we can notify you when we have a schedule or discuss hosting a workshop in your office. Feel free to get in touch.

Session details

Workshop summary

How do you go from designing products, to designing the teams that build the products?

That’s what it is to become a product manager. But often, we aren’t taught the skills of leading people and building teams – things that are part of what is known as “team engagement”.

Luckily, those skills are simple. Engaging a team is just a case of doing things that engage. And you can learn this just like you learned to write code or design pixels. (Yes – we will use design thinking and object-oriented programming as metaphors for leading a team!)

In this workshop, we break down “engagement” into its three component parts, and look at how we use the functions within each of those to create human systems that engage people and enable teams to achieve amazing things, and keep them engaged in the future of work.

Think of this workshop as the “missing manual” for the nuts and bolts of life as a team leader and product manager, from running meetings to effective emails to winning over detractors to wrangling cats, and everything in between.

What will the attendees learn?

  • Use design thinking and object-oriented programming as metaphors for leading a team
  • Keep your team engaged
  • Run an engaging meeting that has everyone involved
  • Write communication that people read and take action on
  • Prevent under-communication, and communication over-load
  • Build belonging in your team
  • Create psychological safety between team members
  • Develop purpose and values for your team, that can be used to make decisions
  • Set draft goals and hold people to account
  • Know how to win over detractors and difficult individuals

Who is the workshop for?

Product managers and anyone leading a team.

Meet your presenter

Scott Gould

Engagement Coach

Connect with Scott

Scott is an author and consultant on engagement, who advises the United Nations and many others organisations on employee, customer and community engagement. His book, The Shape of Engagement, breaks down how people engage with ideas, things, and each other. Scott is also a former professional programmer and designer himself, who after years of failure, finally learned the skills to leading people and building teams.

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