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Conference Talk
Presented byJana Korbičková, Martin Šuráb & Jan Meissner

Session focus

  • Business & Growth
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev
  • Future of Work



May 30, 2024 10:40 am


80 min


Lucerna Passage

Session details

Mentor Hours is an excellent opportunity to get an expert opinion from the brightest minds in the industry! Our special edition of gamified mentoring with the Monopoly-inspired networking board game – WebExpolis, will not only help you break the ice and get to know the mentor better from a different perspective, but it will also open the doors to fresh ideas, creative solutions and new topics to discuss. No prep needed, just come to have fun exploring the playful world of WebExpolis and discuss your projects and challenges with our amazing mentors!

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Jana: #UX #ProductDesign #Discovery #UsabilityTesting #DesignProcess

Martin: #Leadership #TechnicalDebt #Innovation #Ownership #Development

Jan: #CommunityManagement #DevRel #EmployerBranding #PersonalBranding #Meetups #CareerSwitching

Meet your presenters

Jana Korbičková

UX Designer

Alma Career

Connect with Jana

Jana brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked on diverse projects such as the educational platform Seduo, along with portals like Jobs Round the Corner, Jobs, and Slevomat. With a focus on design process improvement, finding inspiration in web and mobile app design, and engaging colleagues in discovery, Jana is well-equipped to share valuable insights and practical tips. Whether you're testing ideas with users or designing for foreign markets, Jana's experiences will provide valuable guidance for navigating the complexities of product development.

Martin Šuráb

Engineering Manager


Connect with Martin

In the past five years, Martin led the Android and Mobile team at Showmax. Now, he's set to tackle a similar challenge at Sky, aiming to eliminate technical debt and drive innovation on the Android TV platform. Martin guided the Showmax app to become a cutting-edge showcase product, even with a shorthanded team and no product managers at the beginning. Learn how to replicate this success story.

Jan Meissner

Product and Tech Community Lead


Connect with Jan

Jan is a Product & Tech Community Lead at Mews and an Advisor at Talkbase, based in Prague. Trained in international relations, Jan applies his skills to the tech industry, fostering connections within the developer community and across the broader tech landscape. Jan's approach is deeply rooted in community engagement and talent development. A big fan of gamification, sports memorabilia, trivia, Fiat Multipla, as well as many other things you may deem pointless.

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