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Oxidizing Your TypeScript Projects 🦀

For a long time, WebAssembly (WASM) was treated as a focused tool you could use to write individual, highly focused functions in hot loops by hand to squeeze some extra performance out of JS apps. With the advent of WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) and a much more mature tooling environment with attributes like wasm-bindgen, WASM […]

Don’t worry – the design system takes care of accessibility!

Building a product made from components that meet accessibility standards will result in accessible end products – right? A design system can seem like a quick fix for your organisation’s accessibility needs. But if you lack a culture that champions accessibility, you will fight a losing battle. In this talk, Geri will walk you through […]

Inclusive Design Patterns

When we think of accessibility, we often think about the usual suspects—color contrast, legible font sizes, and mobile tap targets. However, accessible and inclusive design reaches far beyond that. In practice, it’s neither straightforward nor obvious — and it’s difficult to figure out how to make the right design choices early to prevent issues down […]

Through the Looking-Glass: Optimizing XR Technologies for the Young Minds of Tomorrow

A pressing question is emerging in the burgeoning realm of Extended Reality (XR): How do these innovations intersect with children? Are they equipped to embrace such products? In what ways should they encounter XR technologies? And most importantly, are we overwhelming them or fostering their growth? Inbal will shed light on crafting a harmonious experience […]

Designing for All: Overcoming Barriers in Inclusive Design

In our increasingly digital world, the importance of inclusive design cannot be underrated. It’s the key to making products and services accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or circumstances. In this talk, Tereza will share insights from real-world research and explore the everyday limitations that UX designers, researchers, and other professionals in product roles […]

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