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Conference Talk
Presented byVitaly Friedman

Session focus

  • Content
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev
  • Research
  • Sustainability & Ethics



May 30, 2024 10:00 am


40 min


Lucerna Great Hall

Session details

When we think of accessibility, we often think about the usual suspects—colour contrast, legible font sizes, and mobile tap targets. However, accessible and inclusive design reaches far beyond that. In practice, it’s neither straightforward nor obvious — and it’s difficult to figure out how to make the right design choices early to prevent issues down the line.

How would you design for young children and older adults? What about users with dyslexia and colour blindness? How do we test with screen reader software? What about multilingual UX and localisation issues? And what should we keep in mind when designing sustainable, inclusive and privacy-friendly experiences — e.g. for mental health applications or LGBTQI-friendly forms?

In this practical talk, Vitaly will take a deep dive into design guidelines, hundreds of real-life examples, best practices, and guidelines for truly inclusive, universal design. Expect to leave with a toolbox of insights and practical techniques to apply to any project.

For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker’s Corner right after their talk.

Meet your presenter

Vitaly Friedman

Creative Lead & Co-founder

Smashing Media

Connect with Vitaly

Vitaly was born in Minsk, Belarus and studied computer science and mathematics in Germany. While writing algebra proofs and preparing for software engineering at nights in the kitchen, he discovered passion for typography, interface design and writing. After working as a freelance designer and developer for six years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine back in 2006—a leading online magazine for designers and developers. Vitaly currently serves as the creative lead at Smashing Magazine and also works as a front-end/UX consultant in Europe and abroad, helping clients that include the European Parliament, Haufe-Lexware, and Axel-Springer.

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