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Conference Talk

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  • Business & Growth
  • Service Design & CX
  • Sustainability & Ethics



May 30, 2024 1:00 pm


40 min


Lucerna Cinema

Session details

Even if you don’t realise it yet, your clients are likely to buy experiences from you rather than services or goods. This is why experiences are something you might want to turn into your strategic advantage. In Aga’s talk, she will share both the reasoning and the practical tools that will aid you to become an organisation that is known for having worked out the secret sauce: a great experience customers just can’t get enough of and are happy to tell others about. Aga hopes to inspire you to add experience strategy as one of the key strategic directions for your business and for yourself.

Meet your presenter

Aga Szóstek

Experience Strategist

Connect with Aga

Aga Szóstek is a strategic designer and the author of “The Umami Strategy" and "Leadership by Design". For the past two decades, she has been at the forefront of combining design, technology, and business. She mentors leaders and executives in their strategic approach to change and designs tools to support delivering unique experiences and undergoing personal and professional transformations. In addition, Aga co-hosts a podcast about leadership in volatile times called “Catching The Next Wave”. She is also a founding partner of the World Experience Organisation.

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