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Conference Talk
Presented byLukáš Liebich, Yulia Tolipova & Martin Baránek

Session focus

  • Backend Dev
  • Content
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev
  • Research



May 29, 2024 2:40 pm


80 min


Lucerna Passage

Session details

Gamified Mentoring is a special format of our traditional Mentor Hours. Explore the playful world of WebExpolis – Monopoly-inspired board game powered by our partner Mews! It will not only help you break the ice and get to know the mentor better and from a different perspective, but it will also open the doors to fresh ideas, creative solutions and new topics to discuss. No prep needed, just come to have fun and discuss your projects and challenges with our excellent mentors!

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Lukáš: #DesignThinking #Facilitation #PresentationSkills #Storytelling #Creativity #ProblemSolving #RemoteCollaboration

Yulia: #WebDevelopment #SCIM #Performance

Martin: #HumanCenteredDesign #UX #ProductDesign #Ideation #Discovery #UsabilityTesting #DesignProcess

Meet your presenters

Lukáš Liebich

Associate Director - Design Thinking Architect


Connect with Lukáš

Lukáš, an adept leader, guides a team of facilitators, delivering impactful Design Thinking and Business workshops across the globe, spanning from Austin to Dubai and Singapore. His active presence on LinkedIn has earned him recognition as a "Leading Voice" in the realm of Facilitation.

Yulia Tolipova

Senior .Net Developer


Connect with Yulia

Yulia is a Senior .NET Developer, who directs her expertise toward enhancing the design and performance of web solutions. Currently, she’s deeply engaged in devising solutions for diverse user management functionalities at Mews. With over 12 years of industry experience, Yulia has thrived in various roles within Web Development across multiple organisations. She also possesses Front End development skills, although she chose to focus on backend development after encountering a particularly obstinate button that resisted centering.

Martin Baránek

Senior Product Designer & practicing PWDR

Alma Career

Connect with Martin

With over 8 years of experience, Martin has been shaping both digital and physical products with human-centered design approaches. He has contributed his expertise to a multitude of products, including Jobs, Atmoskop, Spirit Design System, Techloop, and financial apps. Currently, he's transforming company learning with Seduo, an online platform that utilizes AI to provide a personalized, inclusive, and gamified experience. Fueled by his passion for inspiring others, Martin shares his knowledge through lectures and mentorships at Czechitas' Digital Academy. Martin enthusiastically imparts knowledge on designing for various markets and carrying out user research in agile environments.

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