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Sessions for Marble Hall on 2024-05-30

10:00 - 10:40 (40 mins)

Stephan Delbos

How to transform your release notes to drive feature adoption

Release notes are often considered an afterthought — robotic notes with little value besides fulfilling an obligation to give users a basic update about newly released features. They are a missed opportunity, as release notes can be a key customer touchpoint for product companies, driving feature adoption while educating customers about how to use your product more effectively. In this talk, Stephan will use real-world examples to provide strategies for transforming your release notes into crucial content that can help drive business goals. This is an opportunity for content and design teams to learn a new way to delight customers and provide demonstrable business value. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Stephan, Director of Product Content at Mews, has 15 years of experience with every aspect of product content, editing, and content strategy. Since 2020, he has built and led the Product Content team at Mews, expanding from documentation into content design, translation, knowledge management, and knowledge-centred service (KCS) while growing the team from two to more than fifteen. He is passionate about using language to connect humans and technology.

11:00 - 11:40 (40 mins)

Jindřich Karásek

The astounding web of cognitive warfare

During his talk, Jindřich will showcase research on cognitive warfare from across the World Wide Web. He will explain how to use AI-based methods, along with a bit of open-source intelligence and ethical hacking, to detect the motivations of threat actors.  With Jindřich’s guidance, you will explore the topic of influence operations, UX dark patterns, and their relationship with neuroscience. No technical skills are required, as the talk is accessible to anyone who can browse the internet. Come ready to enjoy the talk and gain valuable takeaways that will improve your everyday online journeys. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Jindřich is a Senior Cyber Threat Researcher at Trend Micro. His research work focuses on the domains of cognitive warfare, cyber espionage, and cyber threat intelligence. You might also recognize him as the security data scientist known as 4n6strider.

12:00 - 12:40 (40 mins)

Aneta Hemerová

The best of FB advertising in 2024: Backed by data and +320 million investment

Creating and launching a Facebook ad may seem like a piece of cake nowadays, but truly unlocking its full potential demands a blend of experience and a keen business instinct. What are the fundamental pillars of Facebook promotion that are often overlooked, even by seasoned marketers? Which ads should definitely be part of your ad accounts in 2024? And the big question: How much money should you "invest" in advertising? These are just a teaser of the topics Anet will explore, showcasing real examples and tips based on data and her best know-how. After joining this talk, you’ll leave with actionable strategies and plenty of inspiration for your own brand. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Meet Anet. Nine years ago, she was a Facebook enthusiast and a self-taught marketer who discovered the powerful impact of Ads on businesses and the pain of poorly invested money from her own pocket. Today, she’s a Facebook Ads expert with experience in advertising across 20+ countries. Anet is part of Petr Handlíř's team, specialising in Facebook advertising for e-commerce. Over the past year, they've managed budgets exceeding 320 million CZK for beloved brands like Vasky, Angry Beards, Čokoládovna Janek, and Grizly ♥️.

13:00 - 13:40 (40 mins)

Adam Kudrna

A deep dive into building and growing a multi-brand design system

What is it like to develop software for developers? And how about crafting a multi-brand, multiplatform design system for established products while competing with giants like Material UI, Bootstrap, and TailWind? In this case study, Adam will share the highs and lows of building a comprehensive design system from scratch. You’ll dive into the challenges of ensuring stability, predictability and reliability, from the initial stable release to conducting in-depth user research. Adam will also explore how to measure adoption, motivate upgrades, and develop strategy based on informed decisions driven by both hard data and marketing tricks. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Adam is a UI developer/designer with over two decades of experience in web development. He helps companies build design systems and advises individuals on how to code them. Adam also shares his expertise through consulting, writing, and lecturing on front-end web topics. He has presented at conferences like WebExpo, Devel.cz or FrontKon, and he regularly participates in the community meetings of Frontendisti.cz. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the Frontend Garden magazine.

14:00 - 14:20 (20 mins)

Diana Prokusheva

Conducting collaboration: The impact of music in remote teamwork

In the era of remote work, “Zoom fatigue” has emerged as a prevalent challenge, affecting productivity and employee well-being. In this talk, Diana delves into this modern workplace phenomenon, exploring innovative solutions through the lens of music. Discover how integrating music into online meetings can transform the remote work experience, reducing fatigue and enhancing engagement. Diana will share real-life use cases of how music has been used during cross-functional team meetings and user research activities. Additionally, she will provide a simple roadmap for starting your own experiments with music within your company and measuring impact. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner at 2:40 pm on Thursday, May 30.

Author Bio: Diana is a skilled product researcher with almost ten years of experience in UX. She was the driving force behind creating the UX research team in her company 5 years ago and continues to lead the team. Today, she helps identify the right problems to solve and prioritise research projects. Her findings and recommendations have a significant impact on stakeholder decision-making. As an experienced professional in user experience design, UX research, SEO, and marketing, Diana also helps mentees solve complex problems with innovative solutions across various industries.

14:20 - 14:40 (20 mins)

Jiří Janoušek

The problem with bad meetings is not what you think

Jiří wants to challenge everything (you think) you know about meetings. In other words, the more you rethink your beliefs about meetings after hearing his talk, the better. Though his team spent years conducting user interviews and analysing data to build a SaaS calendar tool that would solve meeting pain points, what they discovered along the way was actually far more interesting. In his talk, Jiří will share the surprising inner workings of meetings that people rarely talk about — and why everyone should be. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Jiří co-founded Aimful, Inc., a SaaS tool helping people keep meetings under control so they have some time left to actually work. His team personally interviewed hundreds of users and discovered surprising facts along the way that challenged their prevailing ideas about meetings. Prior to Aimful, Jiří co-founded Motion, a web and mobile app development agency (acquired by Etnetera).

15:00 - 15:40 (40 mins)

Honza Valder & Daniel Nádvorník

Global product personas

When the product, research and business intelligence teams at leading sports app Livesport joined forces, they were able to deliver global product personas in less than a year. How did they do it? In this talk, Honza and Daniel take you through the whole process. You’ll learn how to create international research capability, perform qualitative research globally, run a worldwide survey, analyse it, and deliver and communicate your personas. They’ll also show you how Livesport works with their personas and designs for each of them. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: After working as a skilled design leader and manager in Fintech for many years, Honza switched teams two years ago and is now an “expert” on everything sports at Livesport. While he can’t score a goal to save his life, he’s responsible for ensuring the smooth delivery of sporting moments and emotions to tens of millions of users across the globe.

16:00 - 16:40 (40 mins)

Anna Bohoněk

A practical guide to work smarter with AI

Are you ready to explore the practical application of AI in business? In this talk, Anna offers a straightforward look at using AI to enhance operations, sales, and marketing. Learn the art of effective gen AI prompts and how these tools can transform your daily business tasks. Anna will share insights and real-world examples demonstrating AI's role in her company, the Workplace Design Institute, which focuses on creating more efficient, engaging, and successful business environments. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Anna is a seasoned professional and co-founder of the Workplace Design Institute. She has spent the last five years in high-growth tech startups, using her diverse background to spearhead marketing, business development and sales initiatives. Known for her creativity, Anna excels in innovative technology use, prompt engineering, and no-code automation. She serves on the non-executive board of Meditorial, advises the micro teambuilding solution MeetyMeety, and shares her insights about generative AI applications and use cases as a European Leadership Academic Institute lecturer.

17:00 - 17:20 (20 mins)

Filip Soukup

The key to higher results: Marketing and sales cooperation

In this talk, Filip will explore the critical link between marketing and sales teams and how their alignment can drive remarkable results. From cohesive messaging to seamless customer journeys, he’ll dissect the strategies and tools that enable these departments to work together, hand in hand. Discover how common data, communication channels, and shared goals can transform the dynamic between marketing and sales, ultimately leading to increased efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner at 5:40 pm on Thursday, May 30.

Author Bio: Filip has worked as a salesman, a manager, and the founder of a business innovation club. Over the years, he has guided more than 30 projects through the early stages of their journeys and implemented dozens of them himself. Now, he is the CSO at the consulting company Prospirio, where he helps companies and sales teams achieve higher results and find new approaches to business.

17:20 - 17:40 (20 mins)

Jirka Bachel

How to self-fund a startup?

If you’ve ever thought about funding your own startup, this talk is for you. What are your options? How do you find the time to build a startup? And what are the potential struggles you’ll face and how do you overcome them? Compared to VC funding, self-funding is a whole different approach — but one that can give you the opportunity to become the majority shareholder and co-founder of your own company. In this talk, Jirka will share different techniques to make your dream happen. For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker's Corner right after their talk.

Author Bio: Jirka has co-founded multiple startups, including WeSolvedParking, LOLO.zone, and Navigara.io, all of which were self-funded. His current passion is building Jobytics.io, which helps developers analyse salary potential based on skills and location. In his spare time, you can also find him hosting SCRIPTease, a highly regarded technology podcast based in the Czech Republic.

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