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UX research talks you should not miss

Last year, I was thrilled to see how many research talks there are at WebExpo and this year it’s even better. Most of them are interesting not only for the researchers but for anyone building digital products. 

I am especially looking forward to Nick Fine‘s Signal to noise in the age of misinformation. Nick is the best person to help everyone doing user research navigate the transforming landscape of this field, especially in the context of AI. Researchers, designers and product managers make sure you don’t miss his talk. I promise it will be totally worth it. 

If it’s not your first time at WebExpo you probably remember that we’ve previously had some talks on research democratisation. Ivana Kolcunová from Alma Career will add to this topic the experience she gained when building a UX research academy for her colleagues. What does it take to become a great researcher? Find the answer in Ivana’s talk What does your product team need to learn to really understand their users?

Do you know what’s the most popular Czech sport? Go see the talk Global product personas by Jan Valder and his colleague Daniel Nádvorník from Livesport to find out and learn much more. I am excited they will tell us how they built an extensive international network of researchers and then combined qualitative data with a worldwide survey to better understand sport fans across the world. 

Diana Prokusheva from Semrush will share how she started using music to overcome Zoom fatigue. An important topic not only for the researchers but also for everyone else tired of never-ending video calls. Make sure to join Diana’s talk Conducting collaboration: The impact of music in remote teamwork.

In his talk How to create a metric system for your product, Lautaro J. Russo from Mews will cover the process of developing an ad hoc metric system for a SaaS product. Do you want to learn what exactly to measure, how to collect the data and which tools to use? Join Lautaro’s talk!

If you live in Prague you must have noticed the recent changes in the city’s navigation system. Dominika Potužáková and Ondřej Raul play an important role in this exceptional project. In their talk Legible Prague: Inclusive revolution of city wayfinding they will share how they approached the design process to make sure they include everyone. 

These talks are just a glimpse of what’s awaiting you at WebExpo. There are still many more talks I would like to mention and recommend you to see. Here are some of them:

Hope to see you there!

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