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Web designers’ oasis at WebExpo

Attention all web design professionals and enthusiasts! WebExpo is coming in full web design force with a lineup packed with the most brilliant speakers in the field, ready to share their experience, expertise and invaluable insights on a wide range of topics. Learn to activate your full creative potential, make AI your best friend and not competitor, create spectacular case studies, tame design systems and accessibility requirements, and in general move your UX skills to the next level.

However, there is so much more you can squeeze out of your WebExpo ticket – share ideas with fellow designers, make new connections, join free workshops, dive into vibrant discussions and just have fun. Amazing opportunities are lurking around every corner.

Jump at the chance to elevate your skills and expand your knowledge. Save the conference dates May 29 and 30, reserve your spot at the Premium Workshop on May 31, and join this upcoming design extravaganza!

Get ready for a web design harvest

Starting with our keynote speaker Nathan W. Pyle the #1 New York Times bestselling author, creator of the genius webcomic Strange Planet and co-creator of the widely popular Strange Planet Apple TV+ series (2023). His audience on Instagram of 6.5 million followers loves his cute, funny and relatable design based on the absurdities of everyday life situations. In his talk, he will uncover the powerful habits that helped him create a world-class sensation.

If you’ve been to WebExpo before you must be familiar with the name Vitaly Friedman, a multitalented designer and developer, co-founder of Smashing Magazine and WebExpo’s crowd-pleaser. You will leave his talk equipped with a practical toolbox and guidelines for creating a truly inclusive design. Ready to dive deeper? Secure your spot on Vitaly’s full-day Premium Workshop on May 31 on the topic of making complex systems that are easy to use.

With her rich experience working as the design and accessibility lead Geri Reid helping some of the UK’s largest newspaper and broadcast brands to design at scale, she will be your perfect guide on the way to organisational accessibility. Brace yourself and get ready to go beyond an accessible design system.

Philip Bonhard’s mission is to make people’s lives better and that’s why he will help you to switch your mindset to perceive AI as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat. Find out what you need to know about using AI tools to your advantage to become a high-demand professional on the market and even boost your productivity.

Anfisa Bogomolova is an unbelievably talented and active woman in the world of UX design. You can know her as a content creator from Instagram as Anfisign, a host of the podcast Honest UX talks, UX course creator or a mentor. Who said that case studies are boring? Anfisa will show you how to design a case study that outshines all others.

Explore the trending topic of product discovery with BoB Marvan, an expert with 15 years of experience in UX, design thinking and research! What are the benefits of including product discovery in your product design process? How to conduct product discovery in remote teams? Answers to these questions and many tips and tricks will be shared in BoB’s talk based on a real-life case study.

Klára Scholleová loves solving problems and if Figma library is your struggle her talk is the place to be. Thanks to her extensive expertise in coding, graphic design, product design and UX she knows best the benefits of efficient Figma libraries for all parties involved and she is excited to share all of it with you in her talk. Interested in becoming the true Figma master? Mark May 30 in your calendar to join also her 1h 40 min long FREE WebExpo workshop.

We could have gone on and on with the names because this list is just the icing on the web design cake and there are still many more worth-mentioning design-oriented speakers coming from all over the world but we believe that now you already know you don’t want to miss WebExpo 2024. Hungry for more? Browse the complete lineup, check the exciting program and make sure you’ll be there in May!

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