Agenda – Friday 23rd Sep

Development Hall RB101 Development Room NB D Design Hall Vencovského aula Business Hall Likešova aula

Opening at 7:30

Pick up your badge and have a chat at fine breakfast.

Opening Keynote (Development Hall)

Ing. Václav Stoupa, director of WebExpo;
prof. Ing. Petr Doucek, CSc., Vice Dean for Science and Research at FIS VŠE;
prof. Ing. Jiří Voříšek, CSc., head of KIT VŠE department;
Ing. Lukáš Burkoň, specialized assistant at VŠE;
Ing. Štěpán Bechynský, Developer Evangelist Microsoft;
Mgr. Filip Hráček, Developer Relations Google

Paul Kinlan

► Introduction to Web Intents

30 min., en › cs

html5, javascript, web apps, integration

David Grudl

► News from the BUILD conference

60 min., cs › en

Michal Táborský

► Architecture of scalable applications

30 min., cs

architecture, scalability, systems

Ladislav Prskavec

► Deployment in Practice

30 min., cs

php, ruby, cfengine, chef, puppet, capistrano, deployment, configuration management

Jan Mittner

► Deployment of PHP applications

30 min., cs

automated deployment, phing, dbdeploy, subversion, php

Martin Kermes,
Martin Jedlička

► On a creative pathway

25 min., cs › en

creativity, process, ideation

Pavel Maček

► More than decoration

30 min., cs › en

icons, visual language

David Březina

► Typefaces are the most important thing on the Web

35 min., cs › en

web typography, typeface design, hinting, readability

Václav Lorenc

► How to price web app?

50 min., cs › en

Jan Tichý

► Bulgarian constant in web analytics

30 min., cs › en

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Michael Juřek

► Developer and cloud

30 min., cs › en

Michal Augustýn

► The Cassandra Database

30 min., cs › en

architecture nosql

Petr Ferschmann

► Case study how we transform FlexiBee desktop application to the cloud

30 min., cs › en

Jiří Knesl

► Test Driven Development in CoffeeScript

40 min., cs

coffeescript,javascript,tdd,unit testing

Vojta Jína

► AngularJS

20 min., cs

js, ttd, data binding

Sotorník Jan

► E-shop graphic as a sexy and smart shop assistant

30 min., cs › en

shopping, design patterns, guidelines, ROI

Jana Štěpánová

► How to non-profit and win

30 min., cs › en

webdesign, design, marketing, promotion, budget, voluntership, bordersetting

Petr Král,
Karel Pětruchno

► Redesigning

30 min., cs › en

Wolf Becvar

► Don’t Let Your Baby Die! 10+ Web-App Survival Tips

35 min., en › cs

webapp, branding, marketing, pricing, appvertising

Hubert Palan

► How to run Product Management and UX over the Atlantic - GoodData lessons learned

30 min., cs › en

Product Management, UX, tools, agile


Visit exhibitions of the conference partners in the foyer of each building.

Job Hall

Take an unique chance to find a top-class job or start to cooperate on projects of well-known web agencies. Symbio GMC two bits Web Design Factory Dobrý Web Internet Info Kerio

Nicolas Garnier

► Using Web APIs with OAuth 2.0

30 min., en › cs

oauth, rest, web, apis, google, url, shortner,

Ilmari Heikkinen

► Introduction to WebGL

30 min., en › cs

Michal Aichinger

► Doesn't fit your favourites maps API to your needs? Try Nokia Maps API.

30 min., cs

nokia, maps, api, canvas, implementation, howto, javascript, html5, fast, reliable, mobile

Adam Chvaja

► On-line maps in the Czech republic and the world

30 min., cs

kartografie mapy

Adam Hrubý

► Evolution of the designer

30 min., cs › en

godot, i-told-you-so, good designers make trouble, intuituon, responsibility, courage, changing the world

Lukáš Plíhal

Think Big

30 min., cs › en

patterns thinking hats context frame detail priority

Marek Prchal

► Insight 13 - 19

30 min., cs › en

Michal Vallo

Agility - a modern buzzword for innovations and entrepreneurship. True Story.

30 min., sk › en

agile, scrum, innovation, entrepreneurship, web

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Lukáš Linhart

► MongoDB

45 min., cs › en

mongodb, mongo, scalability, nosql, experiences, deployment

Daniel Steigerwald

► Beyond jQuery

60 min., cs › en

javascript, ajax, enterprise apps architecture, jquery, google closure, developer tools, current and futrure dev stack

Tomáš Kostkan

► Functional graphic design

30 min., cs › en

graphic design, communication design, function and form

Nick Finck

► The Cross-Channel Experience

60 min., en › cs

Viktor Zeman

► How to sell more? A way from Bratislava to worldwide success

45 min., sk › en

Miloš Korenko

► Free Antivirus and the power of community

45 min., cs › en

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Douglas Crockford

► Serversideness

75 min., en › cs

JavaScript, web development, Ajax

Luke Wroblewski

► Mobile First

75 min., en › cs

mobile, design, web

Tomáš Baránek

► An honesty and other fatal errors in algorithms of pre-relationship communication

40 min., cs › en

Networking Dinner

Have a direct conversation with speakers, guests, partners and other WebExpo attendees. Share, listen, learn and boost your business while enjoying premium food on the Friday evening.

Venue: Atrium VŠE.

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