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Hey Boss, send me to WebExpo please!

Five compelling reasons to convince your manager to send you to the web event of the year

What would make spending two (or three) days at one of the best technology conferences out there even better? If you got paid to go. After all, WebExpo is an event packed with incredible insights about cool new tools, approaches, and best practices that will level up your professional game — and benefit your company.

That’s why we’re sharing five irresistible reasons to convince your boss that a ticket to WebExpo is exactly the working enrichment you need to amp up your results and kill it on your next project.

Reason #1: I’ll get to meet tons of experts up close and personal.

WebExpo speakers bring their know-how to more than the stage. After the presentations, you’ll have the opportunity to meet them in person standing in the coffee queue or at one of three WebExpo parties. Even if informal chatting isn’t your thing, you’ll still have a chance to speak with them. The WebExpo program offers direct one-to-one mentoring sessions with experts on development, UX design, online marketing, and business.

Here are some top WebExpo speakers:

Reason #2: It’s not just talks, I can get hands-on practice.

WebExpo offers more than engaging talks sharing real-life successes and failures, case studies, or even live coding sessions. You’ll also get the chance to attend premium workshops that would normally cost thousands of dollars! These hands-on training sessions will be run in small groups by experts, who are passionate about their fields and ready to share their knowledge beyond the stage.

Here are some WebExpo free and premium workshops to share:

Reason #3: I’ll learn new ways to improve my workflow.

If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s all about people. Company success and employee satisfaction go hand in hand, which is why the topic of teamwork is also a part of WebExpo — again, straight from the field. Soak up tried-and-tested hacks on aligning communication across your team and with other teams, tips on how not to get annoyed by potential errors, or learn how to give and receive feedback. The key is to care.

Here are our must-see recommendations for every colleague:

Reason #4: I’ll gain new context that will help me work with other teams.

You are a coder, but the project manager is still grumbling. You are a designer, but the developer keeps ruining your ideas. We all have our specialities, but that doesn’t mean we work in a vacuum. The more we understand the context, the fewer problems we have to solve and the more valid arguments we have up our sleeves when it comes to office skirmishes. Understanding the overlap between fields and other professions will help transform you into a unique specialist that every boss (including yours) desperately needs.

Here are some talks for inspiration:

Reason #5: I’ll bring back a glimpse into the future.

Artificial intelligence is changing our industries at rocket speed. AR and VR are shaking up customer experience. Conversational user experiences are on the horizon. It’s up to you and your business to be ready to respond to the constant innovations and surf the wave of success. Do you think it’s impossible to predict the future? You might be surprised that you don’t need a crystal ball to see the future, you mostly just need data.

Here are the talks you won’t want to miss:

Looking for one last unbeatable argument? Maybe your boss wants to come to WebExpo, too.

This year’s WebExpo has an awesome line-up with speakers from some of the leading companies in the world, including Google, SAP, Oracle, Revolut, Miro or Booking.com. It’s a pretty impressive list — so impressive, we bet your boss might want to go too! Not only will they be impressed that you want to educate yourself, you’ll earn extra bonus points for telling them about the conference.

Here are the WebExpo talks we think every manager should attend:

If you need to convince the higher-ups, try to make a case for it in your next meeting (in front of LOTS of people), or send them a link to this: https://webexpo.net/elevate-your-teams-skills-and-morale-while-making-your-life-easier/. P.S. There’s group discounts for larger orders! 

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