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Get hands-on at WebExpo Workshops run by the best experts in the business

Deepen your knowledge and strengthen your professional skills at this year’s free and premium workshops run by top speakers from around the world. Don’t miss the chance to work with other professionals and exchange ideas after the session over refreshments.

WebExpo conference workshops

Premium Workshops – Highly interactive full-day workshops run on May 31

Cassie Evans profile image
Cassie Evans
May 31, 2024 9:30 - 17:30
This workshop includes snacks all day and hot lunch.

Well-executed animation and interaction can really elevate a website, whether it’s just adding a bit of personality or providing visual hints and lessening cognitive load for users.

In this workshop, we will dive into GSAP, covering foundational aspects, crafting micro-interactions and UI transitions, and providing insights into writing efficient and scalable animation code. All concepts will be approached with a keen focus on accessibility, intent and user experience.

Let’s explore and learn together, you’ll leave with the skills and confidence to add some animation polish to your own web projects.

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Harry Roberts profile image
Harry Roberts
May 31, 2024 9:30 - 17:30
This workshop includes snacks all day and hot lunch.

A lot of things can make a website slow, and every website is different, but one thing remains constant—the way you solve the problem. In this workshop, Harry will take a look at attitudes, approaches, tooling, and workflows to help you think like a performance engineer. Whether you’re debugging TTFB or layout shifts, LCP, or memory leaks, knowing how to approach the problem is the most important step you can take.

With Harry’s guidance, you’ll learn how to set up your DevTools for forensic analysis, explore tools for detecting early warning signs, configure the most accurate and effective test environments, run tests behind cookie banners or logins, achieve more accurate throttling and network conditions, and a whole lot more.

Then, armed with the most complete toolkit to date, you’ll dive in and start making _your_ sites faster. The afternoon will be spent sharing and debugging real issues on real projects. Collaboratively, you’ll take all this new knowledge and use it to assess and audit your own sites!

Throughout the whole session, the floor will be open to any and all questions regarding web performance, so get ready for a lot of deep and varied off-topic discussions, too!

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Vitaly Friedman profile image
This workshop includes snacks all day and hot lunch.

How do we manage complex challenges of complex, corporate, enterprise, B2B UX in healthcare, financial systems, monitoring systems, public services, and education? How do we deal with hundreds of nested filters, customizable dashboards, multi-step forms, and sophisticated data grids — and perhaps even make it all work on mobile?

Get ready to dive deep into the world of complex UIs — the world where data density is critical, whitespace is slightly overrated, and experts need a reliable interface to get their daily work done.

In this workshop with Vitaly Friedman, a UX consultant of the European Parliament and Smashing Magazine’s creative lead, you’ll explore pragmatic and practical tactics and strategies to tackle design challenges of corporate environments — with hundreds of real-life examples and the process of how to tackle any challenge that might come your way.

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Free Workshops – Included with your WebExpo Conference ticket

Vladana Bačová profile image
Maximum capacity of 20 people (the registration is on first come, first served basis).

This hands-on workshop focuses on mastering AI-assisted copywriting. You’ll learn the essentials of prompt engineering, uncover the secrets of effective content creation workflows, and find out how to infuse your personal style into AI-generated content. If you’ve already tried gen AI tools without much success, this might be the workshop to change your mind. Get ready for a session packed with concise tips and practical insights that will completely transform your content writing!

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Zoe Steinkamp profile image
Maximum capacity of 45 people (the registration is on first come, first served basis).

In today's dynamic DevOps landscape, ensuring seamless observability across diverse data types is a pressing challenge. Join Zoe for an immersive 2-hour training session and take a dive into the heart of observability, using the powerful synergy of OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB 3.0, Jaeger, and Grafana. 

You’ll embark on a journey of discovery in this comprehensive workshop that demystifies the intricacies of collecting traces, logs, and metrics within a unified database. Zoe will guide you through fundamental questions that arise when dealing with various time series data types, including schema design and data conversion techniques. Through engaging hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to deploy the open telemetry demo—a captivating simulation of real-world traces, logs, and metrics. Witness firsthand the magic of orchestrating the collection process using the OpenTelemetry Collector and seamlessly streaming data into InfluxDB 3.0.

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Klára Scholleová profile image
Maximum capacity of 45 people (the registration is on first come, first served basis).

In this free workshop, you’ll get the hands-on opportunity to try some of the tips Klára shares in her talk, Enhancing designer experience: Usability considerations for Figma libraries. Get ready to try out advanced component techniques, such as flexible tree item components and building tables you can resize and reorder by row and column. She’ll also share a few extra tricks and strategies to help other designers use your components with ease.

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Un-scheduled and available on request

We have a list of workshops that are ready to go. These workshops can be public or you can schedule a private workshop with one of our experts in your office. Contact sarka@webexpo.net to see how we can help you upskill your team.

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