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Swap your screens for the scene: WebExpo is where your team needs to be

Year after year, WebExpo attendees return because they learn so much and have an awesome time. What surprises us still, is some people take days off to come because they didn’t pitch it to their boss as a perfect offsite team-and-skill-building opportunitytwo full conference days, with local and international like-minded professionals, mixed in with social activities, right in Prague. Team leaders and workplace culture folks must know by now that WebExpo checks so many boxes. 

But if it’s not clear, here are 7 irresistible reasons why you, your team and your boss should attend WebExpo.

1. One for all, all for one 

One of the most bonding benefits of WebExpo for your team is its multidisciplinarity. While you can certainly focus on advancing your own skills within your field, nothing connects you with your team more than when you understand each other’s challenges. Broaden your horizons also by joining talks outside of your specialisation. There are just moments when collaboration is the only pathway to success:

2. Peek into the kitchen of the world’s top tech chefs

You will get an exclusive look into the backstage of leading tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Salesforce, the third Czech unicorn Mews and many more. Our incredible speakers will spill the beans on their proven recipes, tools and techniques based on their best practices. Practical tips lurk at every turn. Take a chance to talk to international experts, cook new projects with fellow tech professionals and leave fueled with a burst of new energy and fresh insights.

Make sure not to miss out on these amazing talks:

3. Find solutions to your challenges

Are you curious about how other companies handle and learn from the challenges they need to face? Join Riki Fridrich and his Discomfort Zone, a popular format of a discussion focusing on companies’ experience overcoming the times when it’s not only rainbows and unicorns.

In need of expert advice? Have a chat with our mentors, established experts behind successful projects and companies.

4. Anybody said FREE workshops?

Hands-on learning doesn’t usually come for free, take this opportunity and join three workshops included in your conference ticket. Want to become a Figma master? Join Klára Scholleová. Content creation with ease (and the help of ChatGPT)? Go for Vladana Bačová. Ready to dive into observability, Grafana and Open Telemetry? Let Zoe Steinkamp be your guide.

We also offer Premium Workshops that would normally cost a fortune. This is a unique chance to spend a full day learning in a small group from these legends whose visits to Prague are a rare treat:

5. Don’t forget to have fun

After the talks are done for the day, join the epic parties to continue geeky discussions, share key learning points with your team, make new connections and simply have fun. You can look forward to 3 beautiful summer locations:

📍 May 28, Traditional Apify Warm-Up Party in their amazing rooftop office.

📍 May 29, Explore the local summer gem Radlická kulturní sportovna.

📍 May 30, Afterparty in the open-air ambience of Gauč na Výstavišti

6. Opportunity to shine

Showing up at WebExpo is quite an important plus point for your company branding. It’s a great way to raise awareness of your product or service, increase the overall visibility of your company among the tech community and support your employee branding. This is your time to shine also if you are looking for new potential team members, projects and collaborations.

7. Family-friendly

Are you used to having a babysitting option in your company? No problem, we take care of your kiddos, too. WebExpo Kids offers exciting and practical workshops for kids from the age of 5 and older. Younger children will be taken care of by our professional au pairs in the Kids’ Corner full of toys. All that included in your conference ticket.

And 3 bonus reasons to convince your boss to take you to WebExpo

  1. The value of WebExpo far exceeds its ticket price. For the cost of a renowned consultant’s coffee break, you get over 70 top-notch experts from around the world in one place.
  2. Stay more than a step ahead of the competition. Keep up with new trends, skyrocket efficiency using AI tools and maintain your professional skills up-to-date. 
  3. Dream team! Who wouldn’t want to have a proactive team eager to upskill, spark innovative ideas and foster a supportive company culture?

When it comes to workplace culture and having a happy team, WebExpo delivers on multiple fronts. Will we see you and your team at this WebExpo? You’re the reason we do this, so fingers crossed it’s a YES.

P.S. If you’re sending 5 or more people, use the promo code “GOTEAM” at checkout to save 15% on conference tickets.

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